Welcome to Miss Peaches Peaches, your home for the best peaches Georgia has to offer! We deliver these juicy wonders straight from our family farms to your doorstep, ensuring you experience the taste that made Georgia famous for peaches.

We answer all your general peach care and quality questions here. Browse our FAQ to learn more about our delivery process, freshness guarantee, and how to care for your peaches once they arrive.

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Why are Miss Peaches Peaches so special?

We support dogs

We wag our tails for good boys and girls! 100% of net proceeds from all our peach sales go to animal shelters to save pups like Miss Peaches.

Generations of Expertise

Our peaches come from Fort Valley farms with over 130 years of experience, passed down through five generations.

Perfect Growing Conditions

The Fort Valley plateau boasts unique soil composition, warm nights, and ideal "know-how" for growing exceptional peaches.

Signature Flavor

The dense red clay layer beneath the topsoil nourishes our peaches with minerals and nutrients, contributing to their distinct taste.

Uninterrupted Ripening

Unlike peaches from cooler climates, ours benefit from Georgia's warm nights, allowing them to continuously "cobblerin' up" with flavor.

Hand-Picked Perfection

Due to our unique climate, we hand-pick only the ripest peaches every 48 hours, ensuring peak flavor and texture.

Sweet & Tangy Balance

We prioritize the perfect balance of sugar and acidity, resulting in peaches bursting with sweetness with a delightful touch of tartness.

Peak Flavor Selection

We grow over 50 peach varieties! Every day, our team meticulously selects the specific block and variety at their absolute peak of flavor.

Triple-Graded & Hand-Packed

After harvesting, our peaches undergo a rigorous triple-grading process for consistency before being hand-packed with care.

Freshness Delivered

Within 48 hours of being on the tree, your peaches travel directly to your doorstep, ensuring unparalleled freshness. You'll get them faster than Miss Peaches chews up one of Dave's hats.

Freestone vs. Clingstone

Our peaches are freestone, meaning the flesh separates easily from the pit. However, clingstone peaches (which we also offer in May and June) are just as delicious!

Pre-Ordering Your Peaches

How can I pre-order my peaches? 

Since our peaches are incredibly popular, we offer pre-orders to ensure you get yours during the peak season. We sell out quickly, so pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee your delivery date.

What is the pre-order process?

  1. Select your preferred delivery week: We offer pre-orders throughout the peach season, which lasts up to 10 weeks and ends in mid-August (specific end date to be confirmed).
  2. Choose your box and complete your order: Once you've selected your delivery week and box, finalize your pre-order by following the checkout process.

Why might my preferred delivery week be unavailable? 

We can only ship a specific number of peach boxes each week. If your desired week is unavailable, it means that week's quota has been reached. Don't worry, though! Simply select a different delivery week to secure your peaches.

For more information, view our orders, shipping & returns page.

How to Store Miss Peaches Peaches?

Skip the Fridge

Unlike most fruit, our peaches taste best at room temperature. Leave them on your counter to reach perfect juiciness.

Smell & Squeeze

The best way to tell if your peach is ripe is to smell its sweet aroma (remember, they're part of the rose family!). Gently squeeze daily until it yields slightly to pressure. When it yields, it's ready to eat.

Look for the Right Color

Train your eye for the background color – a shift from vibrant yellow to a softer, sherbet yellow indicates peak ripeness.

Refrigeration Tip

If you need to extend shelf life, refrigerate only after the peaches reach peak ripeness.

Miss Peaches Quality Concerns

My peaches are overripe or damaged

We pick our peaches fresh, but transit can affect them. If any arrive overripe or spoiled, contact us with a photo for a quick resolution.

My peaches aren't the expected size or color

We offer many varieties! Size, color, and sweetness can vary. Trust the conditioning process; some peaches may appear green or smaller but will still ripen deliciously.

My peaches are juicy but not very sweet

We have sweet and tart varieties. If your peaches are tart, you might be enjoying a new kind! If they taste unpleasant or bland, please contact our team.

My peaches are firm, will they be ready to eat upon arrival? 

We pick them tree-ripe and ship them the same day. They'll likely be firm when you receive them and need a few days to soften on your counter (conditioning). Once they give slightly to the touch, they're ready to enjoy or refrigerate.

My peaches have some bruises

We handle our peaches with care, but minor bruising can happen during transit. Here's how to minimize further bruising:

  • Gently remove peaches from the box and spread them on your counter.
  • If you notice small bruises, set those peaches aside and keep an eye on them. They may ripen faster, but most of the peach will still be delicious.

Severe bruising

For severe bruising upon delivery that renders the peach unusable, please contact our team.

How to Enjoy Miss Peaches Peaches?

There are endless ways to savor the taste of Miss Peaches Peaches! Here are a few ideas:

Classic Enjoyment

Nothing beats a perfectly ripe peach eaten out of hand.

Grilled Delight

Try grilling them for a unique and flavorful side dish.

Sweet & Savory Salad

Create a refreshing peach, mozzarella, and basil salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Want to mix it up? Add vibrant heirloom tomatoes or swap the mozzarella for fresh burrata.

Baking Bliss

Whip up a delightful peach cobbler or crumble featuring the irresistible flavor of Miss Peaches Peaches.

Healthy Dessert

Top your peaches with cool whip for a light and satisfying dessert.